DIN 42530 Bushing Metal Parts and gaskets as spare parts EN 50386 Bushings Tin plated bushings L100x100 4 hole 1000A Special flag

Moisture Holder - Breather DIN42567 and DIN42562

DIN 42567
DIN 42567

with ot without silica gel

Remove all moisture from theair which flows through into the conservatore transformer is cooling down.

Casted aluminium body
Glass oil bowl
CrNi Holder
Ral 7033 electrostatic powder

DIN 42567 Form A DIN 42567 Form B DIN 42567 Form C DIN 42562
DIN42560 - DIN 42567 moisture holder breather silicagel

Breather DIN42567 Form A
0,5 kg or 1,0 kg.

Breather DIN42567 Form B
0,5 kg or 1,0 kg.

Breather DIN42567 Form B
0,5 kg or 1,0 kg

Breather DIN42562 L1
Breather DIN42562 L2
Breather DIN42562 L3
Breather DIN42562 L4

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