DIN 42530 Bushing Metal Parts and gaskets as spare parts EN 50386 Bushings Tin plated bushings L100x100 4 hole 1000A Special flag

Bushing Gaskets for Sealing

transformer gasket
J gaskets and O-rings / Viton and NBR
transformer gasket
transformer gasket

NBR / Viton / Cork / Presspan / Klingerit / FMVQ / PTFE / Polyamid

Acc. to customers specification like dimensions, Shore A value or color.
Gasket types: NBR, Viton, Cork, Presspan, Klingerit, FMVQ, PTFE, Polyamid.

We can supply these gaskets as spare parts; transformer cover strip gaskets, J-M-N-R-X-O-P-R gaskets, flat geskets, also O-rings are possible.

transformer gasket transformer gasket transformer gasket
cork gaskets O-ring gaskets      

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