DIN 42530 Bushing Metal Parts and gaskets as spare parts EN 50386 Bushings Tin plated bushings L100x100 4 hole 1000A Special flag



Ares Trafo accessories an equipments offers the reliability and cost efficency of automatic CNC machining for small and big production lines. We hope to get contact with all transformer manufacturers to supply best price. If you have special component requirement please send us your technical drawings and learn the best prices..

On time delivery
All orders are tracked by computer on a daily basis from start to finish. We are able to change priorities immediately to accommodate our customer requirements. Next day delivery is available to almost anywhere in turkey for standard products.

Quality Assurance
We have a full-time quality control department with dedicated inspection office. Our quality department will work with a customer's specific quality requirements to insure a reliable and consistent machined part. We strive to maintain the most productive atmosphere possible to insure quality and efficiency in every step of production.

Shipping and packing
All parts are cleaned, then carefully packaged to keep dirt and moisture out. All orders receive protective packaging after completion and are stored safely until shipment. We also offer assembly and final packaging at the customer's request.

Manufacturing Process :
Machining, Turning (CNC Turning Centers, Conventional Lathes), Milling (CNC Milling, Conventional Milling Machines), Drilling, Vertical Machining Centers, Forging, Welding, Painting, Surface Plating (Silver, Tin or Nickel ), Sand casting, Permanent Mold Casting. Investment Casting (die waxing casting), Metal Injection Molding, Plastic Injection Molding.

To take an offer, please contact with our sales department. Please provide us the technical drawing of your inqury to get right answer.

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