DIN 42530 Bushing Metal Parts and gaskets as spare parts EN 50386 Bushings Tin plated bushings L100x100 4 hole 1000A Special flag

Transformer Bushing Spare Parts

transformer bushing metal parts ARES TRAFO
Transformer Bushing Parts
Transformer LV flag
Brazilian type Flag connector Bushing ARES TRAFO
copper flag
Forging copper bolt

We can sell only the parts of bushing upon your request for bushings

DIN 42530, DIN 42531 , DIN 42532 , DIN 42533 , DIN 42534 , DIN 42539,

We can supply you as spare parts acc.to your drawings too, for repair and maintenance service;

Transformer Bushing's Brass and copper parts.
Transformer Bushing's Gaskets
Transformer Bushing's Porcelain insulators
Transformer Bushing's Nuts
Transformer Bushing's Washers
Transformer Bushing's Bolts
Transformer Bushing's Flags, ( Brass or Copper )
Transformer Bushing's Connectors,

transformer bushing metal parts ARES TRAFO

Copper Forged Press and machined parts

Spare parts for Transformers
Spare parts for Transformers

Please contact with sales department for quotation and technical questions.


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