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Bimetal washers - Cupal - CuAl -
%99,5 Al / %99,9 Cu, 1mm thickness ,
one side Aluminium - other side copper

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bimetal Cupal washer Ares trafo

Bimetal washers to prevent bimetallic galvanic electro-corrosion at copper and aluminium joints.

Cupal consists of copper sheet claded on pure aluminium, both metalsbeing diffused together to form an inseparable whole by roll bonding process.
Cupal, is therefore not an alloy and the copper laters are not Electroplating but are ather mechanically welded to Aluminium sheets.

It is known that when the aluminium terminals are directly connected to Copper terminals to carry a current at a high coltage, a bimetallic galvanic corrosion occurs, resulting in a high resistance at the joint. The heated joints are oxidized and loses contact resulting in sparks , voltage dropout power losses and this failure, damage to machinery.

When Cupal bimetal is placed between Aluminium Terminal and Coper Terminal, bimetallicgalvanic corrosion is averted due to absence of air in Cupal bimetal.



Flexible connectors,
cable clamp and cable end connectors,
Isolators and switchgears,
Circuit breakers,
Bimetalic Clamp and connectors



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