DIN 42530 Bushing Metal Parts and gaskets as spare parts EN 50386 Bushings Tin plated bushings L100x100 4 hole 1000A Special flag

ARES terminal box with epoxy plate - 8 connector

ARES terminal box on transformer
ARES terminal box with epoxy plate

Measurement Bushing 8 CT

Epoxy plate with 8 cable lug copper connection
Aluminium body
RAL powder paint in any color
copper rods
O-rings for extra protection

with Plastic or Brass gable glands

Terminal box for transformer
Between terminal box and tranformer tank , weld a round flange with hole, assemble with bolts over the flanges to terminal box.
Terminal box with epoxy 12 conneciton
BCT Terminal Box        

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Ares Transformer

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